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September 27th, 2019

Origami Announces New Business “Origami Technologies”

Tokyo—Origami Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Founder & CEO: Yoshiki Yasui, “Origami”) announced today that it will launch a new business called Origami Technologies.

AI, IoT, big data and other digital technologies, combined with data utilization, have a broad impact on a large number of industries and economic systems. In light of this, many companies are pushing forward initiatives to achieve new business models and flexible innovation (digital transformation) leveraging data and other advanced technologies.

Through building alliances with partner companies, Origami has recognized several key issues that represent major challenges to companies in the future: the acquisition of sales data and other structured and unstructured real-world data; the accumulation, processing and analysis of such data; and the effective utilization of such data which allows them to draw useful meaning and insights.

To address these challenges, Origami has launched Origami Technologies, a service that enables companies to achieve effective utilization of data, while giving such companies the ability, among other things, to digitize customer touchpoints utilizing their own payment services.

Origami Technologies will assist partner companies to effectively utilize data assisting them in their pursuit of digital transformation by supporting the acquisition, processing and analysis of payment data, including the partners’ own structured digital data, as well as unstructured real-world data.

More detailed information regarding Origami Technologies’ services will be announced in the future.

Business customers who are considering introducing Origami Pay or leveraging the Origami Network and/or Origami Technologies’ services are invited to inquire through the following website.

About Origami

Origami is a platform for cashless payments with a mission to “create the future of money, payments and commerce”. Established in 2012, Origami released its smartphone payment service in 2015, officially launching “Origami Pay” in May 2016. This service is now rolled out nationwide at convenience stores, international fast food chains, taxis, department stores and shops across various verticals, with an expected 1,450,000 partner stores across Japan using Origami Pay by the end of 2019.


Naoko Kawahara, Senior Manager, PR